Communication equipment manufacturing industry development status and prospect analysis
Pubdate :2023-07-01 Visited:29

In the process of a new round of communication equipment market adjustment, Chinese communication manufacturing enterprises have developed from expanding emerging markets to comprehensively competing for developed markets. In terms of equipment prices, Chinese enterprises have obvious advantages over European and American manufacturers, which undoubtedly increases the development opportunities of Chinese communication manufacturing enterprises in overseas markets. Communication equipment manufacturing industry consists of communication system equipment manufacturing industry, communication terminal equipment manufacturing industry, communication supporting products and other communication equipment manufacturing industry. In recent years, the rapid growth of telecom business worldwide has led to the investment of telecom operators in communication equipment, forming an important source of demand for communication equipment products.

In recent years, the overseas investment of China's communication equipment enterprises has increased. Chinese telecom equipment manufacturers such as Huawei, ZTE and Datang have become the main competitors in the international telecom equipment market, competing with foreign telecom equipment giants such as Ericsson, Alang, Cisco and Nokia.

Huawei has set up research institutes in Germany, Sweden, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Russia, India and China, as well as joint innovation centers with leading operators. Zte has factories in India and Brazil, R&D institutions in the United States, France, Sweden, India, China and other places, and more than 100 branches around the world.

After years of development, China's communication equipment manufacturing industry adheres to the combination of technology introduction and independent development, has formed a relatively complete communication equipment manufacturing industry system, the industrial chain is gradually improved, the independent innovation ability is significantly improved, the key core areas of technology breakthroughs, the emergence of Huawei technology, ZTE Communications and a number of internationally competitive communications equipment integrators. The level of infrastructure technology is constantly improving, and optical fiber access is becoming more and more important. For the mainstream fixed broadband access technology, the level of fixed broadband infrastructure construction has significantly improved, and the fourth generation communication technology TD-LTE? It has also become the mainstream international 4G standard. As one of the strategic new industries of the seven countries, the communication equipment manufacturing industry will surely usher in better development opportunities under the background of the country's vigorous development of a new generation of mobile communication technology, triple play integration, the Internet of Things, cloud computing, and big data.

According to the development track of the overseas communication equipment industry and years of practical experience, the report analyzes the internal and external environment, industry development status, industry chain development status, market supply and demand, competition pattern, benchmarking enterprises, development trends, opportunities and risks, development strategies and investment suggestions of China's overseas communication equipment industry. The opportunities and challenges that China's overseas communication equipment industry will face are analyzed, and the future development trend and prospect of the overseas communication equipment industry are prudently analyzed and predicted. It is a necessary reference tool for overseas communication equipment enterprises, academic research institutions, and investment enterprises to accurately understand the latest development trends of the industry, grasp market opportunities, and correctly formulate enterprise development strategies, with great reference value!