Mine wireless communication system to achieve full coverage of coal mine network
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According to the production characteristics of coal mine enterprises, the two main fans of air shaft are the key equipment of oversize important load in the whole mine production. Its normal operation is the most fundamental guarantee for the continuous and safe production of the mine.The main fan often because of overload operation, the cumulative running time of the equipment is too long and the installation quality and other issues, there are many faults in the fan system in the operation, they are hidden, unpredictable, there are serious threats to the production. These hidden faults seriously affect the economy and safety of the whole mine operation.

Mine fan online fault monitoring system makes full use of sensor detection, signal processing, computer technology, data communication technology and fan related technology, Comprehensively analyze the fan performance parameters such as air pressure (negative pressure, static pressure, dynamic pressure, total pressure and its efficiency), wind speed, air volume, gas concentration, outlet gas temperature, bearing temperature before and after the main fan, running state, positive and negative rotation state, motor stator temperature and bearing temperature in the total return air of the mine. Vibration parameters such as vibration displacement, speed, acceleration, vibration frequency, frequency component and intensity of main ventilator equipment, motor three-phase voltage, current, active reactive power, active reactive power, total active power, total reactive power, total reactive power apparent power, power factor, frequency and other power parameters are monitored online in real time. In the operation process of the unit, the trend of unit performance deterioration is determined, so that the operation, maintenance and management personnel have a clear idea.

Mine fan online fault monitoring system function

1. Monitoring and forecasting

The vibration monitoring system in the fan online monitoring system and the analysis system developed in cooperation with MHCC mechanism technical data sharing, the functional configuration is outstanding practical, effective and powerful, and the system combination analysis method is nearly 30, in addition to perfect steady-state analysis and transient analysis, but also add unsteady process analysis and vibration and process parameter correlation analysis. Fast data query with visual active data driven technology.

2. Control room monitoring display

The man-machine interface is simple, visual, easy to operate and easy to understand; It has rich working condition screen, friendly interface, powerful chart function, fast and convenient operation.

3. Trend analysis

The system can display the historical data trend curve of one or more measurement points by year, month, day, hour, etc., realize trend analysis according to the limited range of standard values, and provide equipment maintenance guidance combined with standard information.

4. Data storage and management

Wind pressure, air volume, wind speed, electricity, fan and motor temperature, fan vibration and other monitoring parameters to achieve timing storage, data can be stored for one to two years or even longer.

5. Alarm record and user management

The alarm record interface displays alarm information, including long-term alarm, short-term alarm, printing, sorting, activation, etc.